Picture fees:
Fees for the use of pictures are calculated according to the fee recommendations by the Swiss Association of Photo Agencies and Archives (SAB/ASBI). They serve as the basis for discussion; special arrangements are possible for larger projects. As a general rule, a 20% discount may be granted to non-profit organizations. Additionally, pictures may be donated in support of an educational or environmental project. To be considered for donated material, a comprehensive written project description must be provided. The decision is entirely at the discretion of Charles William Lupica. 

A significant selection of Charles' images are distributed as stock photography through Alamy, a U.K. based stock photgraphy agency. Many of Charles' images found on Alamy are not represented here on cwlupica.com. If you see an image on Alamy that you wish to license, please contact Charles directly.

Natural Life Stock: A premium collection of Charles' stock photos will be available from the summer of 2009 onward.  This collection contains some of Charles' best travel images and images relating to nature and wildlife. Many of the images here are of Switzerland and are not in the collection on Alamy.

Signed original limited edition prints of select images are available.  The price of a print is highly dependent on the printing process and size of the print. Additionally, framed, matted prints can be provided to addresses in Switzerland.  If you would like a framed print please contact us with your size , framing, and printing requirements.

For all art-quality prints we recommend prints made with a Lightjet printer on Fuji Crystal x paper.  The lightjet process uses 3 lasers to burn the color information on to true photoghraphic paper.  Many of Charles' prints are suitable for printing up to 1 meter in length. As an idication of price,  Charles' largest print (a linear panorama of Le landeron) is 1.35 meters in length, was printed with a LightJet printer (by Tricolor in Zurich) on Fuji Crystal X archival paper.  It is framed in a black wood frame, matted and backed with acid-free matboard.  The glass used is archival glass. The price of a print this size using these top quality materials is $3500 plus shipping.  Smaller prints using less costly materials may cost from to $300 - $400 framed.

Less costly, archival dye prints are available on demand.  While many photographers sell these ink jet prints, we do not reccommend them.  Most museums require LightJet prints as they are true photographs.

The copyrights of all content, particularly of all images, on the website at http://www.cwlupica.com are exclusively owned by Charles William Lupica. The pictures, articles, or other content, or parts thereof, may not be downloaded, copied, distributed, published, stored or otherwise used without Charles William Lupicas' explicit permission.

Information on images:
All photographs are available as TIFF files ranging in size from 23.5 to 60.2 MB - larger for panoramas(based on RAW files of Canon EOS 5D Mark II),  Older pictures taken with a Nikon D80 are available in a slightly smaller format. The embedded ICC profile is Adobe RGB (1998). Additionally. all images are available as JPEG files.